For my BCM215 digital artefact, I have decided to create a YouTube channel called “Leah Games”.

My plan for each video is to take a video/mobile game which I once was obsessed with and try and play it again. While I do this, I want to be able to provide the viewer with a brief backstory on each game. I will be answering questions like “where did the game originate?”, “who was its creator?” etc. My videos will be released once a fortnight which will allow me to record, edit and upload. In terms of platforms, all videos will be uploaded to YouTube as I believe that there is a massive gaming demographic on there. I have created a professional Twitter account which will keep viewers up to date on upcoming videos and show behind the scenes of each video. I am going to start with one social media platform and if I feel like I’m not reaching my targeted audience, I will spread over to Instagram.

I want to utilise

  • Autoethnography

Through nostalgia, I want to encapsulate my childhood by revisiting games that I once loved.

  • Media archeology

As I am going to use old gaming equipment like the Nintendo DS, I will be taking past media and putting it on new platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

  • Psychoanalysis

My reactions to playing these games will trigger happy memories from my childhood which are unconsciously in my mind.

I want my YouTube channel to target female gamers (especially in their late teens/early twenties). I want people to be able to relate to me and the games that I think are ‘nostalgic’. I also want my viewers to be equally excited about the games I am playing.

Growing up, I loved watching people like Mr Beast Gaming, Pewdiepie, ThatcherJoe Games and Oli White Games. With their influence, I want to create a platform that takes both myself and my viewers back to the early to mid 2000s.

6 responses to “BCM215 – LAUNCH OF ‘LEAH GAMES’”

  1. Hi Leah,
    This seems like a great DA; I think there’s something we all universally enjoy about revisiting games or aspects of games that give us that hit of nostalgia. I can’t knock anything about the process you’ve chosen to do, I think focusing on viewer engagement and including things like polls may allow you to explore a game that may be different from what you originally wanted to revisit, maybe you could try playing a game you’d always heard about as a kid but never played.
    I think the autoethnographic part of your analysis is the strongest, as you are essentially gauging your review (of sorts) of these games based on what you remember them being like, rather than how they are, it’ll be interesting to see how your opinion of them varies. I think doing a pre-review at the beginning of each video would be good, like after you do the media archaeology part, say “I remember playing this game as a kid…this part felt hard or this was my favourite character, etc.” I think it will round out your analysis of the game.
    While this link applies to boardgames, the idea is essentially the same, I think it will clarify just how many things you can explore in an auto-ethnographical analysis of a game:

    I also thought you may want to explore emulation unless you already have a DS and am willing to get a capture card just for the DA, if not, you could possibly create a side video for your intended audience that is a tutorial on how to install and run it on their computer. This will help in two ways, you can look into the game ROMs and emulation under media archaeology, and talk about preserving games and making them easier to play today through emulation, you can also think about how playing on an emulator (if you choose to do it) is different from when you played the games as a kid on the original hardware (It’ll also be much easier to record really high-quality video and even upscale the graphics of the game, making it feel newer).
    As for the psychoanalysis part, I think one angle you could choose to go apart from a tie-in to your autoethnographic experience would be to analyse the games themselves, I suspect you played games aimed at young girls, do they all have something in common (structuralism), like the colour pink, female protagonists, things that play into societal and psychological triggers that make a girl interested in them, etc.
    Overall, it’s a really cool DA!
    Here are some extra links for you to follow:
    http://sbgames.org/sbgames2012/proceedings/papers/cultura/C_F2.pdf – A scholarly article that will help the psychoanalysis part.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02gys42cYmk – An entertaining view on the Nintendo DS, why it was so successful and an autoethnographic account of his experience growing up with the DS.


  2. Hi Leah!

    Love the idea of revisiting games you once played! Super smart making your digital artefact a Youtube channel, this will make it really engaging and entertaining for the audience. I’m really interested in what games you choose to revisit, especially the ones on DS. I also used a DS as a kid, so I’m keen to see if we played similar games!

    The way you’ve structured your analytical framework will ensure your DA is captivating. Through the nostalgia concept, I’m positive your target audience will enjoy your channel. Creating a Twitter account to update followers on your DA is a great idea to make sure you gain more attention!

    Your pitch video was super enthusiastic and positive, which I loved. It was really easy to follow and showed how eager you are with this project. I really appreciated how open and honest you were about being new to the gaming scene (I am too). I believe this will make your DA more appealing since it has a fresh perspective on mid-2000s games!

    Can’t wait to see your progress! :))


  3. […] Leah’s, I loved the concept of returning to old 2000s Nintendo DS games that she used to play. I found it […]


  4. Hi Leah!!

    Omg there are so many games that I would love to revisit myself! I believe this is such a great idea just for the fact that so many people love the feeling of nostalgia. You are also giving the games a chance to come back to the surface and get people to start playing again.

    As DS was an essential item of mine back in the day, this was very captivating to me as I’m sure it was to many others. You did very well in presenting the structure of your DA by backing up your ideas with evidence. For example, you were able to identify that YouTube is definitely the best platform to reach video game users.

    I am also very proud of you for trying something new. It is clear that there are new softwares you will need to use, as many DS games do not work anymore. This shows the effort you are going through to understand more about this audience, and what they would like to see.

    In terms of your analytical framework, I believe it flows very nicely. Blending the autoethnography and media archaeology together is a smart move and will help you analyse the games with ease. I also see that psychoanalysis could be a great opportunity for you to also analyse the feelings of your viewers by looking through comments. A suggestion is that you could spread your concept also to instagram as mentioned, and use it as a way to share with others the joy its bringing to individuals on YouTube!

    Overall you have done very well in coming up with this concept and I am so excited to see the future of your DA 🙂 xxx


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